Magis Tom & Jerry Stool

Tom & Jerry is the redesign of a classic furniture typology - the workshop stool. The three-legged stool comes in two different heights. It is made of solid beech wood with mechanical parts in plastic. Because of its smooth-running mechanism, the stool is easy to adjust and convenient to climb. Tom & Jerry is a versatile addition to working, recreational and private environments alike. It's the working stool of an architect or a scientist, the resting place of a museum guard. It can serve as a telephone stool, as a valet in a changing room, or as a seat for children in kindergarten.

Konstantin Grcic was born in Munich, Germany in 1965. After training as a cabinet maker at Parnham College in England he studied design at the Royal College of Art in London from 1988-1990. Konstantin Grcic creates industrial products widely described as pared down, simple, minimalist. What sets him apart from the minimalism in fashionable currency today is that he defines function in human terms, combining maximum formal strictness with considerable mental acuity and humor.

jerry (low stool): 19.7" - 26" h | base: 18.9" dia. | seat: 13.4" dia.

                          50 - 66cm h | base: 48cm dia. | seat: 34cm dia.

tom (high stool): 27.5" - 34" h | base: 20.1" dia. | seat: 13.4" dia.

                          70 - 86cm h | base: 51cm dia. | seat: 34cm dia


Magis Tom & Jerry Stool

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