George Nelson Wood Base Platform Bench

"The single common element in all man-made things is that they are designed."
-George Nelson

Introduced in 1946 the Nelson platform bench was part of George Nelson's first collection and still stands as a benchmark of modern design. Like much of Nelson's work, the platform bench has clean, rectilinear lines, reflecting his architectural background and his insistence on what he calls "honest" design--that is, making an honest visual statement about an object's purpose.

The catalog states that the bench "has proved to be one of the most flexible and useful units in the collection." The bench was reintroduced in 1994.

With the creation of many landmark designs and recipient to numerous prestigous awards, George Nelson was and is one of the most influential figures of modern design.

The Nelson wood base platform bench is available in three sizes and features ebonized, finger-jointed wood legs.

small: 48" w | 18.5" d | 14" h    122*47*36 cm
medium: 60" w | 18.5" d | 14" h   152*47*36 cm
large: 72" w | 18.5" d | 14" h   182*47*36 cm

George Nelson Wood Base Platform Bench

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