Le Klint Floor Lamps

Twiggy family is elegant and sophisticated, light and lively, able to characterize any environment with great flexibility. Its natural shape, slender silhouette and high decorative value make it suitable for identifying and marking any area. Twiggy's light, which thanks to its diffuser, is focused downwards to create accent light and also allows light to be reflected off the ceiling. The possibility of modulating the length of the stem and therefore the height of the diffuser make it possible to adapt Twiggy to different contexts. A designer, Marc Sadler has worked a long time in the sports sector, where he's experimented with new materials and innovative production processes. He has also worked successfully in furnishing and consumer products.

74.8" d | 86.6" h | shade: 18" dia

190cm d | 220cm h | shade: 46cm dia

Le Klint Floor Lamps

$238.00 Regular Price
$149.94Sale Price

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