Jean Prouve Prouve Em Table

Even the details of this table are determined by its construction. With every detail governed by its construction, the table follows the aesthetics of necessity. The elegance of "EM" can be attributed to the slight slant of the legs illustrating the force vectors and static connections in a way that is otherwise only familiar in the context of civil engineering works. Prouvé developed it for the "Maison Tropique", a project for prefabricated housing, at the beginning of the fifties as a variation of an earlier design. The "EM" table is especially suitable within the domestic context as a dining or work table.

Em table is offered in 5 size options and features either an HPL (high pressure laminate) top & edge or 3 oiled solid wood options (natural oak, smoked oak or American walnut). The base is powder-coated bent sheet steel and tubular steel.

70.75" L | 35.5" w | 29.25" h    180*90*74cm
78.75" L | 35.5" w | 29.25" h    200*90*74cm
86.5" L | 35.5" w | 29.25" h      220*90*74cm
94.25" L | 35.5" w | 29.25" h    240*90*74cm
102.25" L | 35.5" w | 29.25" h  260*90*74cm

Jean Prouve Prouve Em Table

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